Plan Scope Templates

Plan Scope is the process of creating a scope management plan that documents how the project scope will be defined, validated and controlled.



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This worksheet records the project requirements, their categories, prioritization, traceability, configuration management, and verification. Microsoft Word 

Price: $14.95

This template provides a definition of the functionality of the product to be delivered. It serves as a source for the product solution design, testing and acceptance. Microsoft Word 

Price: $14.95

This document provides the initial description of the product or service being requested or proposed by the project.  It establishes a common understanding of the basic, high-level requirements that are to be addressed by a potential project.  These are the base requirements that will be analyzed and become more detailed after the project is chartered. Microsoft Word 

Price: $19.95

In this template you can log assumptions a constraints that impacts your project. You can also assign assumptions to someone to validate and follow up, including any actions needed for their validation.  Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

This plan documents the scope management approach; roles and responsibilities as they pertain to project scope; scope definition; verification and control measures; scope change control; and the project’s work breakdown structure. Microsoft Word 

Price: $19.95

This template provides a description of practices for scope management. The processes can be applied to any project regardless of the business, customer, solution, or approach. Microsoft Word 

Price: $19.95

This worksheet assists you with the development of a project scope statement and scope management plan. Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

This worksheet is used to register the deliverables. Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

This template communicates the project goals and the means to achieve them, including resources required (time, money, personnel) and of milestones that have been or will be achieved. It also includes assumptions to determine how the project goals and risks will be met as well as the associated risk response plan. This project Management Plan includes  Quality Plan, Acceptance Test Plan, Configuration Management Plan, Contract and Procurement Plan, Risk Management Plan embedded files. It is a "must have" project plan! Microsoft Word 

Price: $24.95


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