Manage Communications Templates

Manage Communications is a process of creating, collecting, distributing, storing, retrieving, and ultimate disposition of project information in accordance to the communications management plan.



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This template helps you to plan your communication reporting to the stakeholders, functional management, client, and project team. Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

This agenda facilitates the summary from your Steering Committee meetings. Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

This template details to whom information (status reports, data, schedule, technical documentation, etc.) will flow, and what methods (written reports, meetings, etc.) will be used to distribute various types of in-formation.  Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

Record the outcomes from your meetings, and identify the type of results, e.g. actions required, status update, decision made, issues identified, time set for next meeting. Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

This template gives you a nice log where you can input the details of your communication. Microsoft Word

Price: $9.95

This Microsoft Project template gives you all processes for a large project. It also serves a way to manage the project goals, execution, monitoring, and closing phases, as well as requirements. Microsoft Project 

Price: $24.95

In this template you can describe the information to be communicated such as status reports, project updates, meeting minutes, along with audience, frequency, constraints, and assumptions. Microsoft Word

Price: $9.95

This template allows you to log the issue description, impact, status, proposed solution for each issue among other variances. Microsoft Excel

Price: $14.95


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