Identify Stakeholders Templates

Identify Stakeholders is a process of identifying all people organization impacted by the project, and document relevant information regarding their interests, involvement, and impact on project success.


develop project charter

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This document provides the initial description of the product or service being requested or proposed by the project.  It establishes a common understanding of the basic, high-level requirements that are to be addressed by a potential project.  These are the base requirements that will be analyzed and become more detailed after the project is chartered. Microsoft Word 

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The CMP involves selecting contractors, establishing commitments with the contractors, tracking and reviewing the contractor's performance, and oversee activities to ensure the contractors work is performed appropriately and that the products delivered by the contractors satisfy the agreed upon acceptance criteria. Microsoft Word 

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This excel chart lets you log and analyze all categories, involvement, and classification for each potential stakeholder. Microsoft Excel 

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The objective of this document is to list the stakeholders, identify what role they have in the organization and assess how they are involved in the project. This register will help you to develop a stakeholder management strategy. Microsoft Word 

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This template is an essential part of developing a useful engagement plan where stakeholders are plotted against two variables: influence versus importance. Microsoft Word 

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