Develop Project Charter Templates

Develop project charter involves the development of a project charter that formally authorizes the initiation of a project and marks the kickoff for all subsequent planning activities to begin. The development of a project charter can be something that is done by the project team as a whole, or it can also be done by the project leader by himself (or herself) and then when complete brought to the project team for review or signoff.


develop project charter

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This document provides the initial description of the product or service being requested or proposed by the project.  It establishes a common understanding of the basic, high-level requirements that are to be addressed by a potential project.  These are the base requirements that will be analyzed and become more detailed after the project is chartered. Microsoft Word 

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This template constitutes specifications for your business including the purposes of initializing a specific project and what achievements to expect including mandatory and optional requirements. Microsoft Word 

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The purpose of this template is to capture the reasoning for initiating a project or task. It can be used for any project initiation. Microsoft Word 

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The purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) template is to detail the tasks and responsibilities of the vendor in relation to the contract with the organization. Microsoft Word 

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This presentation primary goal is to explore and teach you the most common negotiated legal terms in consulting contracts. Microsoft Power Point 

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This presentation teaches you the basics of license grant and license types, agreements, and custom software licensing program (CSL). It is a must for PMO. Microsoft Power Point 

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This presentation teaches you the basics of contracts involving public sector customers & processes, issues, red / yellow flags, and risk areas. Microsoft Power Point 

Price: $14.95

The purpose of this guide is to establish a PMO infrastructure on each customer engagement to support administrative requirements and achieve a successful completion of contractual deliverables. This structure also meets customer satisfaction and internal financial commitments. Microsoft Power Point 

Price: $14.95


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