Control Procurements Templates

Control Procurements is the process of managing procurement relationships, monitoring contract performance, and making changes and corrections as needed. This process ensures that the sellers' performance meets procurements requirements and that the buyer performs according to the terms of the legal contract.



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This report allows you can input the contract performance to a determined period for the project scope, quality, schedule, cost, risk, current claims and disputes. Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

The CMP involves selecting contractors, establishing commitments with the contractors, tracking and reviewing the contractor's performance, and oversee activities to ensure the contractors work is performed appropriately and that the products delivered by the contractors satisfy the agreed upon acceptance criteria. Microsoft Word 

Price: $19.95

This template communicates the project goals and the means to achieve them, including resources required (time, money, personnel) and of milestones that have been or will be achieved. It also includes assumptions to determine how the project goals and risks will be met as well as the associated risk response plan. This project Management Plan includes  Quality Plan, Acceptance Test Plan, Configuration Management Plan, Contract and Procurement Plan, Risk Management Plan embedded files. It is a "must have" project plan! Microsoft Word 

Price: $24.95

This template is the change request to be implemented that is submitted to the change control board or decision making group. Microsoft Word  

Price: $9.95

In this template you can fill out a vendor rating criteria for each client and set weights to score each one of them. Ratings and total ratings are calculated automatically. Microsoft Excel

Price: $9.95

In this template you can fill out a Consultant Evaluation form for each candidate organization, and set weights to score to each one of them. Ratings and total ratings are calculated automatically. Microsoft Excel 

Price: $9.95

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is used for projects in which a company organization is performing as a subcontractor to an company business unit who will be acting as the lead and overall program/project manager.

. Microsoft Word 

Price: $14.95

This document communicates the terms and responsibilities of an organization that provides operational support on behalf of a delivery organization during installation and operation phases of a project. It comprises members of the solution provider organizations who have agreed to provide or receive ongoing support for components in the solution.   Microsoft Word 

Price: $14.95

This document communicates to the stakeholders the project status and how risks, issues, schedule, and change requests are being managed. Microsoft Word 

Price: $14.95

This report is the input to the project procurement management process regarding bonuses and penalties. It is also used by the company contract managers to evaluate subcontractor performance. Microsoft Word 

Price: $9.95

This template has been created to support the collation of data and reporting procurement dashboard core metrics. The "Dashboard" worksheet provides a pre-formatted presentation of charts for all 7 core metrics that can be printed out on one sheet. Microsoft Excel 

Price: $24.95


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